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A blend of healthy, natural minerals for great-tasting mineralized water.


Produced in Switzerland from high quality, natural ingredients.

Pure water doesn’t taste good and is unhealthy to drink in large quantities. Therefore, our system adds back a healthy, balanced mix of minerals to your purified water for optimal taste.


LANGWATER does not contain any sodium and is free of microplastics. Our mineral blends are made using liquid extracts, so they mix instantly with water.

Alpine Blend

The Alpine Blend LANGPAKs contain a mix of natural salts and minerals. They come together to create a mild yet great-tasting water. Their mineral and salts concentration is the perfect balance for daily consumption, as it supports a healthy diet. Two packs of LANGWATER is enough to make 250 liters of mineralized water.

Cook with LANGWATER!

Use LANGWATER when cooking, preparing fruit and vegetables, or making an espresso coffee. You will find that LANGWATER, with its neutral mineral blend, will refine the taste of your meal. It will also minimise the build-up of limescale on your kitchen equipment.

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