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Great mineralised water and healthy drinks, directly from your tap

Serves water instantly purified and re-mineralized.
With or without flavors. Hot or not.

We first remove pollutants from your tap water

Our 3-stage filtration system removes all types of pollutants and odours from tap water, leaving you with water in its purest form. TheWell incorporates the same type of professional water filters used by many major bottling plants. The 3-stage filtration system consists of: A 1-Micron Sediment Filter that filters out larger particles and dirt in order to protect the reverse osmosis membrane from sediment build-up that would shorten its life span and reduce efficiency. An Activated Carbon Filter, very effective in removing chlorine and other particles that create bad taste or odor in water. A Reverse Osmosis Filter made of a semi-permeable membrane that is the most efficient way to clean harmful particles from water. TheWell system uses a very high-efficiency reverse osmosis membrane that not only filters any ions, molecules or larger particles found in water, but does this at high speed.

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Then we make your purified water taste great: discover LANGWATER

Truly pure water doesn’t taste good, so our remineralization capability adds back healthy natural minerals and salts to provide great tasting water. LANG only uses liquid salts, minerals and flavors to enrich filtered water. No powders. Simply because liquids mix instantly with the water; no need to stir or wait for a powder to dissolve. Our proprietary technology ensures that a precise dose of minerals is infused to every serving, which guarantees that the fresh taste of our LANGWATER stays the same, from the first to the last drop. LANGWATER is made from all natural ingredients and does not contain any sodium, because most diets already have excessive levels of salt. It is also free from the microplastic pollutants found in many PET water bottles.

And you can also instantly add flavors to your water, with LANGWATER+

We developed a range of natural fruit flavors and teas that make your good water taste even better. The basis is good water, the flavors are the plus. A key advantage of using natural liquid extracts rather than dry powder extracts is that liquid retains a more intense flavor. All our teas and flavors are made from 100% natural fruit and tea extracts because we want to enrich the good water we created, not spoil it with additives or artificial flavorings. We love all things pure; that’s why we’ve also avoided sugar and made our drinks calorie-free.

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Are bottles really convenient?

Companies that sell bottled water produce a lot of bottles. Carrying and storing bulky, heavy bottles is not convenient.

At LANG, we don’t use any single use elements. This is good for nature. And convenient for you.

Additionally, our system requires no installation: just plug it in and follow the touchscreen set up instructions.


The cost-saving solution

High-quality mineralized water for less than 0.4¢ per fl oz

Flavored drinks from  a serving

Very low power consumption: less than 0.004 KWh per liter of mineralized water

Change the filters every 3’000 liters or 2 years


Sara Schulingkamp, Lariano (ITALY)

”TheWell is so easy to use, I just press a button and have fresh water in no time”

Best Water Purifier "You can’t go wrong gifting them The Well."

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